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- Woof Wear is the market leader in Equestrian Protection in the UK. It was purchased
from its mother company in 2009 to be expanded to its full potential. My role as the first
in-house product designer, was to set up a design facility in the company, define the brand
guidelines and strategy and refresh the brand image through innovation and style.
- My work directly helped boost product sales growth by 25% in just 2 years.


Design management required my involvement at every stage of the process:
- from writing design briefs to concept research,
- from supervising UK and Asia based manufacturers during product development and production
to organising product testing and analysing user feedback,
- from managing the expectations of the marketing and sales team to controlling the representation
of the brand in the public domain.


Focus groups with a board of users, retailers and journalists were held regularly to keep on
track with the trends, understand the users needs and expectations of the brand and
understand Woof Wear's position on the market.


The two bottom pictures show the 3d scanning of horse legs to create a database to be used
in product development, and the integration of the design department in the company.

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