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- The common protective riot gear worn by police officers is bulky, relatively slow to put on,
hot and ergonomically poor.
- I developed this solution for D3O which offers light and flexible protection, breathability and
is very quick to put on. It challenges the specifications given by blunt trauma standards and yet
reaches all the necessary requirements. It helps minimizing the aggressive look of officers facing
riots and hence reduces the feel of aggression from the crowd. It is quite unique in its sector.
- The garment is in process of being certified with the HOSDB standard, has received excellent
feedback during wear trials with the Met Office anti-riot officers and is currently being launched
on the market triggering wide interest worldwide.


Top: full garment with D3O protective pads in PU and PP and fire retardant garment
developed in partnership with Leo minor France - made in China and Morocco
Middle: French Special Forces wearing the TRUST Vest under their uniform. This picture
illustrates how discreet the product is.
Bottom: selected concept presented in-house at the research stage

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